Grp1-32The Les Cole Fund

The Les Cole Fund is the culmination and recognition of a lifetime of generosity and care given by Les Cole to charities and to those in need. Les’ particular interests were family welfare and the quality of life in aged care.

The establishment of the Les Cole Fund allows Les’ generosity to the community to be perpetuated and keep his name in the memories of those who benefit in future from the work of the Fund. As the Fund grows in the years ahead, the income will be distributed for the relief of poverty and other purposes beneficial to the community.

The Les Cole Fund has been established within the Geelong Community Foundation which is an independent charitable foundation committed to finding new and innovative ways to address community needs.

Gifts are tax deductible and can be in the form of bequests, donations, property or shares.

If, like Les, you want to help in the areas of family welfare and aged care, your gift could become part of The Les Cole Fund, which is one of the specially named funds within the GCF. You may also nominate the area of community need you wish your gift to benefit.

The Geelong Community Foundation aims to:

  • Promote awareness of significant community and social issues.
  • Be actively involved in new initiative and achievements in community building.
  • Consolidate small and large donations/gifts and or bequests so that maximum benefit can be gained in the local community.
  • Work collaboratively with community organisations, donors and others to increase the support for needy sectors of the community.

Your tax deductible donation will help The Geelong Community Foundation to continue Les’ wonderful work helping those in need. To donate, open and print the PDF document below. Send this along with your donation or pledge to:

The Geelong Community Foundation,
Level 1, 200 Malop Street, Geelong,
Victoria 3220
Ph: 03 5224 7700
Fax: 03 5224 7799

The Les Cole Foundation Fund Donation Form

The Les Cole Foundation Fund Donation Form is in PDF format, click below to download Adobe Reader.
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