Arranging a Funeral

When we receive notification of the death of your loved one we will ask for some details, before arranging to transfer them into our care. We will also organise for you to meet with one of our Funeral Directors. This may take place at your home, or in one of our conveniently located offices or chapels.

During this meeting, we will assist you to decide on all of the many practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral. We are here to assist in making the process of organising a funeral as straight forward as possible. The initial arrangement meeting is generally 1 – 2 hours in duration.

arrangebSome of the information that will be discussed may include;

  • When and where will the service be held?
  • Is the service to be a burial or cremation?
  • Will there be a viewing prior to the service?
  • What vehicles will be required?
  • What music is to be incorporated into the service?
  • What information is to be displayed in the
    Service Booklet or Bookmark?
  • What photos/video is to be incorporated for the
    DVD Photo Presentation?
  • Is a death notice and funeral notice to be advertised
    in the newspaper or online?
  • Will there be a gathering or refreshments after the service?

At the arrangement meeting, we will record the decisions and choices you make and leave a detailed estimate of the costs and disbursements associated with the arrangements made. During the days following this meeting until the funeral service is conducted, we will provide ongoing assistance by liaising with the clergy or celebrant, newspapers, florists, cemeteries, churches and any other third parties that may be required in preparation for the funeral service.

The many services we offer at Tuckers will continue to be provided to you and your family even after the funeral has been conducted. There are many ongoing activities and arrangements that may still need to be taken care of. A member of our Bereavement Care Team will make contact with you or your family approximately 4-6 weeks after the funeral service has been conducted to see if we can be of any further assistance. 12 months after the funeral service our Bereavement Care Team will again make contact with you or your family offering assistance.