Burial and Cremation Options

The choice of burial or cremation is a personal one, often determined by where you would like your loved one’s final resting place to be. Some people like to be able to visit a gravesite as part of their grieving or religious practice, while others prefer cremation.

For burial, a decision needs to be made about the type of grave that is required. We will liaise with the Cemetery of your choice and determine what options are available, assisting you through the process of selecting and purchasing a cemetery plot as required.

If a cremation is intended, you will need to consider how to lay the ashes to rest. The cremated remains may be kept at home; interred in a grave; scattered in one or multiple favourite locations; submerged at sea in a biodegradable urn; divided amongst family members; or a small portion placed in a jewellery urn (see our Urn and Keepsake Selection).

burialWe can provide you with options from all cemeteries and crematoriums in the Barwon region. Local cemeteries that are administered by the Geelong Cemeteries Trust include;

• Geelong Eastern Cemetery
• Geelong Western Public Cemetery
• Grovedale (Germantown) Cemetery
• Mt Duneed Cemetery
• Geelong Memorial Park and Crematorium
• Leopold (Kensington) Cemetery
• Drysdale (Bellarine) Cemetery
• Portarlington Cemetery
• Flinders Memorial Park
• Highton (Barrabool Hills) Cemetery
• Mt Moriac Cemetery
• Winchelsea Cemetery
• Lorne Cemetery

There are also many other cemeteries within the region. These include Bannockburn, Bellbrae, Inverleigh, Queenscliff, and Rothwell (Little River). In addition, alternative cremation venues may include Altona Memorial Park, Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Fawkner Memorial Park and Ballaarat General Cemeteries.