Verses for Newspaper Notices

Selected Verses

Most families choose to advertise in the daily newspapers when a death occurs to notify freidns and family of the passing and when the funeral will take place. Below are some widely used line endings and verses which may assist you in drafting a notice.


Wife, Husband, or Love


To have to love and then to part,

Is the saddest story of the human heart…

- Anon


Our thoughts are always with you,

Your place no one will fill,

In life we loved your dearly,

In death we love you still.

- Anon


Words are few, our feelings are deep,

Our memories of you we will always keep.

- Anon


For you were beautiful,

And we have loved you more

Than words can ever say.

- Anon


May the winds of love blow softly,

To that quiet, lovely place,

Wherever my true love is sleeping,

Who can never be replaced.

- Anon



Mother or Father


Only your special love stays with us always,

The kind of love that only a mother can give.

Your love is our constant reassurance

That you are with us forever.

- Joan Barkley


Thanks for a lifetime of memories,

For your love and kindness, help

And encouragement…

- Joan Barkley


Mother, you mean so much,

You have done so much more,

Than anyone could ever do,

And you mean much more to me,

Than words can express.

No one could ever take your place.

- Joan Barkley


I have a memory in my heart,

That time can never touch,

Your loving care throughout the years,

When I was growing up,

You touched my life, shared my days,

Grandmother or Grandfather

We were so close in many ways,

On this day the tears ran,

As I sat and thought of my beloved ‘Gran’

- Anon



Messages of Comfort


There is a sunshine for each sunset

And for each night of sorrow,

There is an ending as the new day dawns,

On the horizon called tomorrow

Don’t cry because she has gone,

But smile because she was here…

- Anon


To everything there is a reason,

And a time for every purpose,

A time to be born and a time to die,

A time to weep and a time to laugh,

A time to mourn and a time to dance,

A time to get and a time to lose,

A time to keep and a time to give away.

- Ecclesiastes 3 & 4


Religious Verses & Prayer


Death hides, but it does not divide –

Thou art but on Christ’s other side,

Thou art with Christ and Christ with me,

In him I still am close to thee…

- Anon


Extolled and harrowed by the name of God

Throughout the world, which he created,

According to his will. And may he speedily establish

His Kingdom of righteousness on earth.



Opening / Closing Paragraphs


Our dear friend…..

At rest after a long illness…

Tragically taken…

In loving memory of….

Loving mother of…

Closing Lines

Peacefully sleeping.

Sadly missed.

Loved by all.

In loving memory.

Forever in our hearts.


Bereavement Notices


In lieu of flowers, a donation to ____ would be greatly appreciated.

The ____ family wish to acknowledge and thank our many friends and relatives for their love and support on the loss of our dearly loved husband, father and grandfather.

Special thanks to the nursing staff/doctor ____ at ____ hospital/nursing home for their care and support.

Name ____ and family wish to sincerely thank relatives, friends and neighbours for all their help, love and support in the recent death of their beloved ____ Your love, caring, floral tributes, telephone calls and cards will never be forgotten. Please accept this as our personal expression of thanks.

Please accept our deep appreciation for your help in our recent bereavement – the loss of our beloved ____ Only the sympathy, love, prayers and support offered by you, and many others, have enabled us to endure and gain victory in our desolating experience.

Through prayers, telegrams, letters, cards, phone messages, floral tributes, visits, personal words and practical expressions, God drew near to us.

Through them he revealed his love that would not let us go, made us to know and feel that round about us were his everlasting arms, and made more real assurance and hope of the Gospel.

For your willingness and readiness to be thus an instrument in his hand to meet our deep need, we thank God, and express our sincere gratitude to you.