Pre Planning

Benefits of Planning Ahead

istock_000014288146largeArranging a funeral involves making important decisions at an emotionally challenging time. Choosing to plan a funeral in advance can ease this burden from your family and give you the chance to be involved.

Pre-planning is something we do all the time. We set money aside for travel, for retirement and other important events. Like writing a Will or purchasing insurance, arranging your funeral in advance plays a similar role in life.

When preparing a Funeral Plan you can organise as much or as little detail as you like and the information put together becomes a record of how you would like to be remembered.

  • Ease the worry of making difficult decisions from your family and friends
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that you have everything organised
  • A financial investment is not required when creating a Funeral Plan. However, setting aside funds can ease the financial burden for your family in the future. Click to find out more about financial considerations
  • You have control and can ensure that your wishes are known.

For many years, Tuckers have been caring for people and tailoring funerals to meet their individual needs and circumstances. Today, more and more people prefer to plan ahead. They tell us this gives them a feeling of emotional relief and saves a lot of worry for the people they care for.

Points to consider:

  • Whether you prefer burial or cremation.
  • Your choice of cemetery or crematorium and your wishes regarding placement of your ashes.
  • Special music and readings, videos or pictures to be included in the service.
  • Type and style of casket or coffin you prefer.
  • The ceremony venue (indoor or outdoor) for example church, chapel, garden, beach etc.
  • Lighting and ambience or ‘feel’ of the ceremony venue, for example flowers, candles, etc.
  • Do you want a funeral procession and what type of cars would you prefer, modern or vintage?
  • If you would prefer donations to a charity rather than flowers.
  • Would like family and friends to gather for refreshments after the service

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