Tuckers Funerals ‘Time To Remember’ in Geelong

Last night Tuckers hosted their annual Time To Remember Service.
Love’s Legacy was the theme for the evening event – focusing on the legacy our loved ones have left behind and how we honour those who have passed.

During the evening we heard from Chaplain Robyn Maddock and enjoyed a breathtaking performance from local artist Jess Maddock. Families also had an opportunity to participate in the candle lighting ceremony and write a personal reflection for the memory tree. Tuckers staff also shared personal experiences, talking about the impact on their lives and the legacy their loved ones have left behind.

“The genuine, heartfelt responses from those that attended last night is the reason why we have held this event for so many years, and will do for many years to come” – Andrew Kors, Regional Manager

“During refreshments the room was alive with chatter, it was an honour to hear people sharing memories of their loved ones. I even had someone tell me ‘I have been so focused on getting things organised that tonight allowed myself time to remember my loved one’ and this event gave them much needed time to grieve.  – Ashlee Craig, Administration Officer

“It was warming to see so many families that have been touched by grief all come together for support. The balloon release was a beautiful tribute that left everyone speechless and families very much enjoyed choosing a coloured balloon that represented their loved one.” – Craig Kramme,  Funeral Arranger

Gallery – Time To Remember 2017