Tuckers Funerals – 6 activities to help families remember at Christmas

Tuckers Funerals Remembering at Christmas

At Christmas, there are many ways to acknowledge those who are no longer with us.
We wanted to share a few of these activities you can do with your family to honour and remember this year.

  1. Personalise a candle in memory of your loved one. There are many online tutorials available to help you create a special tribute to honour their memory.
  2. Buy or make a special Christmas decoration. You can use your favourite photos to make ornaments for the tree, or even print a group of photos to create a Christmas Photo Wreath.
  3. Purchase a special Christmas present for your loved one and then donate this to a local charity.
  4. Make a Memory Jar – Have a notepad and pen to write down special memories. Place these in a jar to then read on Christmas day or at any time.
  5. Bake your family favourite recipe and then deliver this to someone in need of Christmas cheer.
  6. Set a place at the Christmas table for your loved one and display a photo and/or place their favourite cushion on the chair.

During this festive season, may you find comfort in knowing someone special will never be forgotten.