One Step – Many Benefits

It is in our nature to plan for the different milestones in life – weddings, overseas holidays and especially the transition into retirement.
So, it makes sense that we plan our final goodbye with a Pre-paid Funeral.

Pre-planning has become an important step in the retirement process and no one knows this more than Funeral Director Ross Allen from Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service who has passionately cared for the people of Geelong for over 46 years. “The biggest change is how Pre-planning funerals has evolved. In the early days, death was seldom talked about. Families have much more opportunity to have a personalised service through Pre-planning than ever before. Funerals are more of a celebration today.” says Ross.

Ross, alongside Alyson Burchell and Sue Marshman from Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service guide people through the Pre-planning process and agree that “Having these discussions helps you make informed choices and assures your wishes acknowledged. Daily, we see how beneficial these conversations are for families. When death occurs, although a difficult time, it can be eased by knowing that the wishes of their loved one was organised and paid for.” Ross Reflects “The Family will often speak of their relief and gratitude that Mum/Dad arranged and paid for their funeral.”
“We are frequently asked if Pre-paid Funerals have an expiry date, the answer is no! They are valid for the length of your life. Talking about death is something we avoid, but it’s easier to have these conversations now rather than leaving it up to our families.” says the trio.

Ross, Sue and Alyson are available to discuss any funeral related matters by calling 5221 4788.