Vale Trevor Cole

The extended Tuckers Family mourned along with the Cole Family at the recent death of Trevor Cole.

Trevor was much loved by all. His influence, guidance and support of our company and our staff were unwavering, our respect and love for him and all he has done for the community never ending. An amazing man with an astonishing influence on our industry and the Geelong Community.
Trevor originally worked for his father, Les Cole, joining Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Services in 1962. In later years he was an equal partner in the company with Les and Phyllis (Trevor’s parents). Trevor was awarded the title of Master Funeral Director and his passion, commitment and drive, coupled with his foresight and business acumen have built Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Services in to what it is today.
Trevor passed away on 15th February 2019, his funeral service held at Kardinia Church where Trevor was a long-time member of the congregation was attended by many, a testimony to the impact Trevor had on so many lives. The service was a great time of tribute to a man with an enormous heart. Trevor was much loved and will be deeply missed by his Children, grandchildren, extended family and the by the Staff at Tuckers.

Tuckers Staff, Remembering Trevor.

“Bereavement Care has been an integral part of the service we offer at Tuckers since the 1980’s. Trevor was instrumental in setting up this service and was passionately supportive of it, even after he was no longer involved in the day to day running of the business.
He would often call in and inquire about how things were going and more specifically- how I was going? He was genuinely interested in people and cared about our lives. He was always glad to celebrate with me when I had something positive to share but equally willing to commiserate and empathise when things were tough.
Trevor was a man of true integrity, compassion and self-sacrifice. He lived out his faith and values in his daily life and treated all with absolute respect. He was an inspirational role model of genuine care and practical support to those in need.
I will miss Trevor greatly but treasure our many little ‘chats’. He was the ‘heartbeat’ of Tuckers for so many years and it is truly the end of an era as we say goodbye.”

“For many many years I had known of Trevor, and then when my father died, Trevor was there to comfort Mum and put together a lovely service for dad. Trevor then popped in everyday to just have a cuppa with mum and to see that she was OK, and he would quietly sit and talk with us and then go back to the office. The next day, again, there would be Trevor. Lovely lovely man. “

“Trevor always found time to stop and ask how you were, and then have time to listen to the answer. He always had a word of encouragement for those he spoke to. At the end of a conversation he would always leave you with ‘blessings’. He was generous of heart, with his time and with all that he had, always finding time for those in need. “

“I still have fond memories of Trevor, his kind approach, guidance and having a chat. He would always pop in with an orange juice for me when working on the weekend and it wasn’t just me, all the girls would get a special drink on the weekend, and he never forgot our favourite. “