An Important Conversation

Have you ever thought about your parent’s funeral wishes?
Although we don’t like to think about it, most of us will be responsible for planning the funeral of our parents. Respectfully we want to honour their wishes as to what happens after they die.
Knowing what your parents want before the time comes gives all involved great comfort and clarity. When you are encouraging your loved ones to discuss their wishes, consider whether a direct or indirect approach is best. Create opportunities for discussion and be gentle and reassuring should your loved one find the discussion upsetting. As the lines of communication open and become more relaxed remember to listen as much as you talk. They may have firm ideas about their plans, or they may not have thought of it at all. Try not to rush or push them into their decisions. Even coming to terms with the idea that funeral planning is beneficial can take time to process. This process may take several conversations over several weeks. Be mindful to anything else that your parents would like you to know about their wishes.
Remember, while the topic of preplanning may not be comfortable at first, it will always provide peace now and in the future, as you and your parents can rest assured, they have left you with a clear plan and a legacy of love.
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