Our Story

F.H Tucker & Son Pty Ltd was established in Wycheproof in 1883 by Mr. Frank Henry Tucker. At this time the business was setup as a Builder, Undertaker & Timber Merchant.

In 1925, F.H. Tucker & Son moved to the town of Geelong West at this time the company was owned and run by Frank's son Charles Henry Tucker and his wife Irene.

Charles Tucker was a community minded man and served the local community of Geelong West as a Geelong West City Councillor from 1935 to 1948 as well as being Mayor 1945 - 1946. This community minded spirit is part of the Tuckers culture today.

When Charlie Tucker died in 1954, Les Cole, who had been employed by the company for many years, became a shareholder and ran the company with Mrs Tucker.
The Cole family eventually assumed full ownership and management but kept the original name of Tuckers as is still the case today.


Les Cole spent more than 60 years of his life supporting members of the community in their time of need, a tradition that was continued by his son Trevor Cole.

Trevor, along with his sons Brendan and Gavin, continued the time honoured tradition of family service to the community at Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service.

In 1985, under the management of Trevor Cole, Tuckers completed building works and opened the Grovedale Funeral Chapel.

These facilities were positioned on the other side of town from Geelong West to better serve the community of Geelong, and this chapel is still today a well-known landmark in Geelong.

In 2007, Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service purchased the Geelong division of Tattersall Funeral Care, Hepner Funeral Service, and the Lara division of Tattersall Funeral Care, including their pre-paid commitments. As part of this, Tuckers now own and operate the Chapel at Lara which is located at 8 Forest Road North.

In 2008 Mark and Kathy Osborne became partners in the company with the Cole family maintaining Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service locally owned and operated. Tuckers commenced major redevelopment of the facilities in Geelong West in 2009. This process was undertaken to better serve the community of Geelong, and has included the restoration of Tuckers’ original funeral chapel.

This Chapel has been named in honour of the personal contributions Les made to both the company and the local community.

The ‘Les Cole Chapel’ is located at the heart of Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service in Hope Street, Geelong West.

In 2011, the addition of Tuckers Highton Funeral Chapel located at the Barrabool Hills Centre, provided the ability to better serve the Geelong Community. This venue has magnificent views that are perfect for small intimate reflections for 20 or 30 people, and has the ability to cater for large funerals accommodating up to 1000 people.

With over 300 sealed car spaces, commercial catering facilities and state of the art audio visual equipment this venue is currently Geelong’s most modern and contemporary funeral facility.


In December 2012, InvoCare Australia purchased the shares of Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service enabling Tuckers to now join the national and international group of funeral service providers. This resulted in Tuckers gaining much strength for the Company going forward. InvoCare introduced skill and expertise as they invest in the strengthening and growth of Tuckers both now and in the future. All services continue to be delivered by the same Geelong people who have been serving our Geelong community in the past.

We remain 100% by Geelong people, for Geelong people.


Today, Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service are operating as the largest regional funeral director in Victoria.

Proudly, Tuckers supports the local community not only by many donations and sponsorships, but also by sourcing products and supplies from local producers where possible.