What Happens When Someone Dies

We recognise that when a death occurs you may be unsure of what to do, or what will happen next.

After Tuckers have been notified of a death, we arrange for the deceased to be transferred into our care.

After transferring your loved one into our care (to our main facility located at 55 Hope Street, Geelong West) we will contact you to arrange a mutual time to meet with you and your family.
This meeting, to discuss Funeral Arrangements, may take place at one of our offices, or in your home.

When preparing for the arrangement meeting, it may be helpful to;

  • organise some personal possessions such as clothing or jewellery for your loved one
  • choose some photos that reflect your loved one's life and personality for the DVD Tribute
  • give some thought to the wording for personal notices to be printed in the newspaper
  • review any prearrangements that may be in place

Immediately following the death of a loved one many people find it difficult to think about funeral arrangements. It is important that you don’t feel rushed into making decisions and remember that the timing of the funeral is entirely up to you.

If a death is unexpected or the result of an accident, your loved one may be transferred to the State Coroner. When a death is reported the State Coroner will investigate to determine the cause and circumstances of the death. During this time we will work closely with you whilst waiting for your loved one to be transferred into our care.
To find out more about visit the State Coroner website at www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au.

If someone dies whilst interstate or overseas, we will work with you and your family to make the necessary arrangements to have your loved one returned home.