Glenn Edward PLUMMER

Funeral Notice


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A Private Service will be held. To view Glenn's webcast please click on the above link on MONDAY (18th October) at 10.00am.


  1. To Lou , Shirley and family,

    Glenn was a friend, groomsmen, colleague, squash partner and the first to drop everything to be with you,

    Our last meeting was a hello in passing.

    He was always there for me, I wish I was there for him.

    Taken too soon, condolences and love to all,
    Len and Gilly Mogic

    Len Mogic October 19 2021
  2. My deepest condolences to Glen’s family.
    I think I can say for many of Glen’s Class of 80 Malaysian uni mates that he has enriched our uni lives through his kindness, generosity and understanding during our Deakin days.
    Many of us have not the chance to catch up with Glen again since we left Deakin, but we will always remember Glen as genuine friend who took the time and effort to get to know us when we were new in Geelong and somewhat lost.
    Thank you Glen, for the laughter and beautiful memories.
    We will cherish your memory and remember you always.

    KokLeong Ho

    KokLeong Ho October 18 2021
  3. Dear Lou, Shirley, Phillip, Terry and Joanne, Camille,Brendan and Timothy. Fond memories of not only a childhood friend, but a mate, groomsman, squash partner and friend who was always there for me and others at a drop of a hat.
    I am so sorry I wasn’t there for him.

    My last memory was of us both saying hello to one another in passing when were both battling our demons.

    One day my friend hopefully we can say hello again.
    Our thoughts are with you
    along with our heartfelt sympathy
    Len and Gilly Mogic

    Len Mogic October 18 2021
  4. Dear Uncle Lou Plummer and Family,
    My deepest condolences to you and the family for the great loss.
    My condolences too to Camille, Brendan, Seth and Timothy.
    It pains me to learn of his demise which is most unexpected and untimely.
    I have just spoken to him a few weeks back.
    He was still then lively, funny, cheerful and optimistic in his usual self.
    He was my Australian mate who was kind and friendly to me during our days in Deakin Uni and Geelong.
    He introduced me to Australian culture and the way of life, together with Phillip, looked out and stood up for me, who had stepped out from my home country and into this foreign land for the first times, in the many occasions when we hung out.
    He must have had the ordeal of worrying about me throughout some of these occasions.
    He liked to prank, as Terry’s tribute reminded me, but he did not ever apply on me, perhaps he was considerate enough to know that I didn’t quite like it. Ha.
    Through him I met the Plummers, you Lou, Shirley, Phillip, Terry and little Joanne up in Bannockburn.
    Just like Glen, all of you wonderful and kind people welcome me to your home.
    Throughout our fellowship, Glen had shared with me his joy in his courtship and eventual marriage to Camille, the arrival of his 1st born, Brendan in Geelong Hospital and his wedding.
    Though I have not met Timothy and Seth, Glen shared his joy with me for their births that came much later.
    Glen also showed me the country, spending Christmas New Year in your house as well as the camp in Port Fairy.
    It was most soothing as well as enjoyable for lonely foreign souls like me.
    Skin diving, barbequing at Jan Juc, Torquay and many other beautiful beaches and places all the way to Port.
    Those were happy and good times.
    My life spent and experience in Geelong and to a greater extent Australia has been enriched because of Glen.
    He leaves me with great memories of our friendship and fellowship which I can only cherish now.
    And I will always remember him as a person who is cheerful, happy and optimistic, understanding and considerate, generous and loyal with and to friends as well as resourceful and very courageous in facing life challenges, in which like most people, he had many.
    His presence and time spent in this world has certainly not only touches mine but also many other people’s lives in positives ways
    It has been meaningful
    He was a very good man and a worthy friend.
    I am sad but do believe that he has left us to a better place.
    My deep condolence again to you all.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Thank you Glen and thank you to you all.

    Ng Fu Zin, Li-Ping
    Jia Yeong and Jia Wen

    Ps : Dear Phillip/Terry and Joanne, can any of you contact me?
    Would like to touch base with you. Last seen you is almost 40 years ago.
    +60192154139 or

    Ng Fu zin October 18 2021
  5. Fond memories of our time together in the prison service, condolences to the family, love and respect, Keith Francis

    Keith Francis October 18 2021
  6. Thinking of you all at this sad time. Kerry, Bryce & Oscar. xxx

    Kerry Barmby October 18 2021
  7. Great memories of working with Glenn and of catch ups in Port Fairy.
    Barwon Prison Mates xx

    Jane Petti October 18 2021
  8. Dear Lou and family,
    Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.
    With love and respect,
    Peter and Shelly Ronald

    Peter Ronald October 18 2021