Time To Remember Service

MON 30TH NOV 2015 | Every year, there are many people who face Christmas for the first time since they have experienced the passing of a loved one. You are invited to join us with families and friends prepare for Christmas.

Our Locations

Map directions to our various Funeral Chapel and Office Locations

Funeral Plans

Learn more about planning ahead for a funeral.
We set money aside for travel, for retirement and other important events.
Arranging your funeral in advance plays a similar role in life to things such as writing a Will or purchasing insurance....

How to Write a Eulogy

How do you prepare for one of the most important speeches that you will ever have to give in your life?
Writing and delivering a eulogy combines two of the worst fears people have – losing a loved one and public speaking.
The thought of writing...

Talking About Funerals

Want to know more about funeral plans?
You are invited to attend one of our free information sessions happening throughout the region, find out more.