Tuckers Funerals Bereavement Care Geelong

At Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service, we provide care and support well beyond the funeral service. Our Bereavement Care service is extended to you and your family and includes:

• Over the phone support
• Grief information and resources
• One-on-one meetings
• Linking to community resources and local support groups
• An invitation to attend our annual Christmas “Time To Remember” service

For more details about support groups and grief services,  Click here

Grief is a normal and natural response to the loss of a loved one. Each of us grieves in our own unique way; it’s a very personal and individual experience.
Grief can effect many facets of our lives; our emotions, thoughts, relationships and even our physical health. For some, everyday tasks may become difficult or demanding.
Our Bereavement Care Team can provide assistance by helping you manage and understand the process of grief. The team is available to spend time to listen to your own story, to provide support and to offer suggestions as you adjust to your loss.

Our funeral directors and funeral home staff are trained to recognise and support those in need.

Bereavement Care is provided free of charge to all family members – including children and friends – who choose Tuckers for their memorial or funeral service.