Tuckers Funerals bereavement care Geelong

At Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service, we provide care and support well beyond the funeral service. Our Geelong Bereavement Care services are extended to you and your family, including:

  • Over the phone support.
  • One-on-one meetings.
  • Linking into community resources.
  • Connecting with local support groups.
  • An invitation to attend our special Christmas Service ‘A Time to Remember’.

For more details about different support groups visit our funeral services support page.

Whatever our age, grief comes to us in many forms, but the most difficult bereavement of all is to lose a loved one.

Grief is a confusing experience for both the bereaved and those who are trying to comfort them. Grieving people are often misunderstood because their world has been literally turned upside down. The conflicting emotions that survivors feel can leave them with a sense of aloneness and helplessness.

Everyday tasks can suddenly become difficult or demanding. Tuckers’ Bereavement Care team provides assistance by helping you manage and understand the process of grief.

Our funeral directors and funeral home staff are trained to recognise and support those in need.

Bereavement Care is provided free of charge to all family members – including children and friends – who choose Tuckers for their memorial or funeral service.