For professional, experienced and highly personal funerals in Geelong, the team at Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service are the local experts. Our team of Geelong funeral directors know how to plan funerals that both honour the wishes of the deceased and take the worry out of the hands of the loved ones left behind.Our caring funeral home staff will meet with you to discuss your wishes and provide a funeral plan that meets your needs and budget. As one of the oldest funeral homes in Geelong, we have experience working with different cultures, faiths and religious denominations and can provide a variety of suitable venues and funeral services.


To ensure transparency with pricing for funeral goods and services we have created Funeral Information Pricing Disclosure documents.
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Chapels & funeral homes in Geelong district

We have several recently refurbished Geelong funeral homes, including at Geelong West, Grovedale, Highton, Moolap and Lara. No matter the size or scale of funeral services, we can cater for between 30 and up to 1000 people in elegant and peaceful surroundings.

Funeral arrangements

Our funeral directors help you prepare for funeral arrangements and know what to expect when someone dies. As experienced undertakers, we arrange for the deceased to be transferred into our care, while we help loved ones consider the practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral service.

Many people are now choosing to plan pre-paid funerals so family and friends are not left with the worry of planning the funeral. This allows you to personalise your funeral arrangements at today’s prices. Please contact us for more information about available options.

Funeral services & options

At Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service, we take pride in offering those finer funeral touches that make funeral services unique. We understand the importance of personal funerals, and can help you decide between coffins and caskets and create an audio-visual DVD funeral tribute to play at the service.

If you have friends and family overseas or interstate who are unable to attend funeral services, we also offer funeral live streaming from several of our Geelong funeral homes.

Tuckers is also pleased to offer female funeral directors for those families who feel more comfortable talking to a woman.

Post-funeral services

We take pride in providing advice and support for all families and friends through dedicated post-funeral services. Whether choosing funeral urns or keepsakes to memorialise a loved one, or offering bereavement care and grief support networks, our funeral home staff are here for you.


Arrange a funeral

At Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service, we understand how difficult arranging funerals can be for those who have lost loved ones. Our experienced and dedicated team of funeral directors and undertakers knows how to create tasteful funeral arrangements that not only honour the wishes of the deceased and their families, but also make it easier for those left behind.

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