Hearse selection for Geelong funerals

The make, style and colour of a vehicle can be an important part of personalising a funeral service. Here in Geelong, Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service continuously maintains some of the finest vintage hearses and has an impressive range of vehicles to suit your requirements.

1926 Chevrolet – only used for promotional events

1926 Chevrolet - Geelong hearse selection

This hearse was originally built in 1926. Previously used by Odges & Son Funeral Directors in Castlemaine, the hearse was purchased by Tuckers in 1993 from a private collector in Harcourt, Victoria. Hundreds of hours were spent on the restoration of this vehicle, as it was originally manufactured as a horse-drawn hearse. It has a four cylinder OH/V motor with a manual transmission.

1960 Ford Galaxy

1960 Ford Galaxy hearse Geelong

This Ford Galaxy hearse was purchased by our Geelong funeral home in 2010. The name ‘Galaxy’ was used for only the top models in Ford’s full-size range from 1959 to 1961. Its V8 engine is petrol driven and it has an automatic column shift transmission.

Modern Hearse

modern hearses Geelong

We have a fleet of four modern hearses available.

Horse-Drawn Hearse

Geelong horse-drawn hearse

An icon of the Australian funeral industry, John Allison/Monkhouse’s horse-drawn hearse is famous for its involvement in many funeral services throughout Australia. This hearse is available for Geelong funerals upon request.

Harley Hearse – Last Ride Funerals

Harley hearse in Geelong

Kerry Walton of Last Ride Funerals says:
“As more and more people assert their individual requests for their loved ones’ last journey away from the traditional car-type hearse, a Harley-Davidson hearse is always a very moving sight that puts a distinctive personal stamp and allows mourners to hold a vision of remembrance, freedom and youth.”

Last Ride Funerals offer their services to Tuckers upon request.