A Time To Remember

Post-funeral services in Geelong

A Time to Remember… Better Together 2020

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Each year there are many people who face the difficult prospect of experiencing Christmas and the holidays for the first time since the passing of a loved one.

The Tuckers staff are very aware of this and we usually host an evening event late in November to assist families as they prepare for Christmas.

Of course, due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we are unable to hold this as an in-person, live event. So as an alternative we are presenting an on-line event that can be viewed any time from 7:00 pm on Monday, 30th November 2020.

Due to the pandemic, many families were unable to hold the type of funeral that they would have liked, so this event is another opportunity to reflect and honour their loved one, light a candle and hear some encouraging thoughts and suggestions from others who have also experienced grief.

Our theme this year is “Better Together” and we do hope you can join us for our first on-line Time To Remember.


Discussion Group

One of the highlights of the service was the Discussion Group, where the members shared their stories.  The full-length version is below and we hope that it may help you or someone you know navigate through the journey of grief.

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A Time to Remember… Shine Bright 2019

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Each year there are many people who will face the holidays and Christmas for the first time since experiencing the passing of their loved one.

In late November every year, our funeral directors extend our Bereavement Care Program to the wider community by hosting a special evening service called ‘A Time to Remember’. This service helps those who have experienced grief and loss and to prepare for the Christmas period in particular. The event is free to attend and we encourage you to bring family or a friend. Following the main part of the program there will be time to connect with Tucker’s staff and celebrants while enjoying supper.

Families talk about how they are keeping their loved ones Shining Bright over Christmas and the holidays.



Photo gallery from A Time to Remember Service 2019.