1. Saddened to hear of your tragic loss of Haydn john and linda

    Greg and Vicki wood and family August 16 2017
  2. Haydo my friend till time ends. I thought the world of you ay. No goodbyes just see you later on. Thank you for being my friend in this life, we will meet again i promise you that yeh. Im sure it wont belong ay. A fine young man and thats gods truth from my heart mate,

    Cafa August 20 2017
  3. Dear Mr and Mrs McKenzie, every one calls me Caf my nick name. I want to tell you how much your son Haydens friendship meant to me,because i never told him. That is something that will haunt me for the rest of the days i live. Hayden was significantly younger than me but held his own at all times and he once told me he was old school stock. That was so true and Hayden said it was due to the way his parents raised him. i would like to let you know it was a huge honor and privilege for me that Hayden shared part of his life with me. You must be wonderful people and fantastic parents. Haydo was one of those rare people to come into any ones life and make an impression that lasts for ever. I have very few people i call friends yes i have lots of mates. Hayden McKenzie was no mate nor was he an acquaintance. He was my very good friend who i could count on for any thing at any time because that is the man he is. All credit to his parents and that is Haydens own words. Your son was an outstanding decent young man and his friendship meant the world to me. I humbly hope i have not stepped over any boundaries by telling you this. I wish i had told him. Sincerely Haydens friend Peter Cafarella. Please Caf that is what i have been called since i can recall. Again thank you Caf.

    Peter Pietro Cafarella September 17 2017