Community is the New Black – ANDREW KORS – The Undertaker – Doing Time For the Community

General Manager Andrew Kors was ‘thrown into the lockup’ Wednesday, luckily he didn’t have to spend too much time behind bars as Tuckers led the donation tally. The amount of time spent ‘incarcerated’ was determined by the amount of money raised.
The business leaders of Geelong were led into the Old Geelong gaol in a single file, lined up, and read out their ‘Mistermeanors’
Andrew’s were:
Fraud: fraudulent golf scores
Offensive Behaviour: eternal optimism
Driving Under Influence: of too many cans of Red Bull
Grand Theft: of cakes left in the tea room/kitchen
Indecent Behaviour: barracks for Essendon

Tuckers would like to thank everyone that supported and donated, Together we raised over $1,500 to go towards the redevelopment of Karingal House, One of GenU’s supported accommodation houses in East Geelong. This was a fantastic fundraiser that showcased the work GenU do in supporting people with Disabilities.
Tuckers were very honoured and privileged to be supporting this fundraising Intuitive and as you can by the photos, Andrew had a ball – his smile, from ear to ear, never left his face.