Tuckers Funerals – It’s important to stay connected

Humans are social beings and while our community continues to practice social distancing for our physical health and safety, its equally important to practice good mental health by staying connected to friends, family and community during these unprecedented times.

The term social distancing doesn’t have to mean isolation and loneliness especially after a funeral of a loved one. Let’s be honest there are going to be some tough and dark days ahead and at this point in time when the Government and Health Authorities are telling us to isolate, our encouragement to you is to stay connected with each other. There are many ways to stay connected through technology, phone calls, text messages, providing a meal or a bunch of flowers, sending a lovely card…

Remember there is no rule book for what you are experiencing during this pandemic. You are doing the best you can, given the situation. So is everyone else. Be kind to yourself, and though the stress of grief can certainly make it difficult, try to be patient with yourself and others. Being open and honest as you share your thoughts and feelings with friends and family and expressing your inner grief is called mourning over time and with others support – bit by bit, day by day- you will begin to find a “new normal”.

Losing a loved one is hard under normal circumstances and experiencing the loss of your loved one during this pandemic is extraordinarily difficult. As you begin your grief journey, we encourage you to reflect with others on memories with your loved one and the gifts they brought to your life. This pandemic will end, but our love for those we have lost will not. We carry them with us, with the knowledge that our bonds cannot be broken, even by death.

Whatever it is that you do to stay connected, we encourage you to do that in the days, weeks and months after the funeral because support, encouragement and connection will lead you towards brighter days.